Tips & Advice

These are not an exclusive list, but websites I have found useful on my parenting journey.

Please take everything you read with a pinch of salt. Take the information you like and leave what you don’t, as not everything will suit you!

Emma’s Diary -

Sign up for exclusive offers on loads of brands, get freebies, & vouchers with the emma’s diary taster packs.

Download the app and it will follow your journey through pregnancy & parenthood giving you useful information and insight into your baby’s development and behaviours.

What to Expect -

I found the information on this website gave great insights into baby’s growth & development. The time frames for certain behaviours are helpful but broad enough to not make you worry if your baby is not there yet.

The website is American so any information on health services etc will be different in each country.

Your Baby Club

They offer great deals and opportunities to sign up and win freebies from different retailers. If you don’t want to get bombarded with emails use a new email address.

Health Unlocked

If you have any health questions, you should always ask your doctor or midwife. But sometimes you want to ask a group of women who have gone through similar experiences if something is normal. This is the place to do it anonymously and with no judgement, though it must be noted that the people on it are not health professionals.

Antenatal Classes:


NCT offer good antenatal classes, but they can be pricey, I have included the link as there is a lot of good information on the basics of baby care, I found it useful when I was jittery pre-pregnancy. They also run local events which is a great opportunity to get out and about with baby and other parents.

Other classes include;

  • the positive birth company
  • little stork
  • bump to baby

There are many courses local to each area, including free hospital run ones.

Highly recommend attending a class for your first baby as a chance to meet parents in your area who will be at the same stage of pregnancy. You can make some lifelong friends here and it’s really useful to have people to chat to about what you are going through.


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